About this blog

This is my personal technology blog – a place to pursue ideas, share, and collaborate with other interested folks. Hope we can spark some discussions, or maybe even learn something from each other.

My name is Raul Nohea Goodness, a software developer of/in Wailuku, Maui with an odyssey thru New York City.

Technical interests of late:

  • JavaScript (my side pursuit since 1996 who i always go back to)
  • Hasura
  • Svelte and Reactive Programming
  • GraphQL
  • Bitcoin , Peercoin
  • privacy and security in a connected world
  • understanding how people use technology

Past or intermittent technical interests and pursuits:

  • Perl 5
  • Linux
  • C# / .NET
  • REST
  • SOLID principles
  • Agile Software Development
  • Web development
  • data access
  • Auto mechanics
  • Home improvement
  • Games of skill
  • Surfing
  • Music