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Nhost Hasura Auth + SvelteKit implemented simply

This is a short and sweet example of using a SvelteKit frontend project with Nhost authentication. Overview Nhost is the serverless backend built on Hasura (graphql server backend). NHost is built on it’s open source Hasura Auth library (using JWTs). They are nearing v2 official release and have sample templates for React and Next.js, but […]

How to connect Hasura GraphQL real-time Subscription to a reactive Svelte frontend using RxJS and the new graphql-ws Web Socket protocol+library

By Raul Nohea Goodness https://twitter.com/rngoodnessNovember 2021 Overview I am in the middle of my about once or twice-a-decade process of reevaluating my entire web software development tools and approaches. I’m using a number of great new tools, but a new little JS lib i’m starting to use to tie them all together, hopefully in a […]